when regiment is gone (kindkit) wrote in fregg_love,
when regiment is gone

FIC: "Proxy" (Spaced, Tim/Mike, PG-13)

Title: Proxy
Author: kindkit
Fandom: Spaced
Pairing: Tim/Mike
Rating: PG-13 (teen)
Summary: A post-"Leaves" drabble.

"Sophie said I'm to give you this from her," Mike says.


Mike kisses him.

Oh, Tim thinks. This.

Maybe it's not exactly the kiss Sophie would've given him--mostly because of the moustache--but it's close. Mike's certainly got the enthusiasm right.

And the tongue. The bit with the tongue is just what Sophie would do. So's the ear-nibbling, the arse-grabbing, the bedwards stumbling, and all the rest. Apart from a couple of things she didn't have the anatomy for.

"Did she really say to kiss me?" Tim asks later.

"Yeah, actually."

Tim always knew she was a genius.
Tags: category: slash, fandom: spaced, fic, pairing: tim/mike, rating: pg-13

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