August 14th, 2010

Happy Place

Hey there!

ETA: Thank you so much to manics_fan, got most of it now! Still looking for everything that isn't crossed out.

Hey there! Been away for quite some time, but getting back to the delicious Fregg love after my hiatus. Mostly doing Hot Fuzz stuff at the moment but will likely go back to working on my RPS as well. :)

As some people have pointed out privately, the majority of my Fregg related work got lost in an archive crash and I don't have copies of most of them. I posted what I had of my old Fregg RPS, Spaced, and Hot Fuzz stuff on An Archive of Our Own.

These are the pieces I'm still missing... if you happen to have a copy around feel free to send it my way!

Missing Pieces:

FIC: Therapy (Shaun of the Dead, PG)
FIC: Reconciliation (Spaced, Tim/Mike. NC-17)
Fic: "Worry" (Simon Pegg/Nick Frost RPS. PG)
FIC: What? (Simon Pegg/Nick Frost RPS. R)
FIC: "Halloween" (Hot Fuzz, Danny/Nicholas PG)
FIC: "The First Time" (Simon Pegg/Nick Frost RPS NC-17)
FIC: Danny Knows (Hot Fuzz Danny/Nicholas PG)
FIC: Too Much (RPS: Simon Pegg/Nick Frost NC-17)
Fic: False Start (RPS: Simon Pegg/Nick Frost Hard R)
FIC: Can't Let Go (RPS: Simon Pegg/Nick Frost NC-17)

All written between OCT 2007 - FEB 2008 in order from newest to oldest.

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