afullmargin (afullmargin) wrote in fregg_love,

FIC: "The First Time" (Simon Pegg/Nick Frost RPS NC-17)

Title: The First Time
Author: Amber (anemptymargin)
Fandom: Fregg
Pairing(s): Nick Frost/Simon Pegg
Prompt: 001 Beginnings.
Word Count:2916
Rating: Very much NC-17
Warnings: First Time smut.
Disclaimer: This is a work of fictional parody in no way intended to infringe upon the rights of any individual or corporate entity. Any and all characters or celebrity personae belong to their rightful owners. Absolutely no money has or will be gained from this work.
Summary: Their first time is complicated and not exactly what anyone would really expect.
Notes: The third and last of the "It's Complicated..." arc. Written for the fanfic100 challenge. It's supposed to be funny, it's okay to laugh folks. :P My Grid and "timeline"

The First Time

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