Simon Pegg is happy to smooch men :D

 A friend just send me this interview, dunno if you've already seen this, but well,... it's nothing new but nice to read, though.

"The comic star enjoys flirting with other men and believes all guys should kiss someone of the same sex to understand more about homosexuality."

“'I’ve never been homophobic and I like flirting with gay guys; they’re easier to flirt with than women. I flirt with my gay friends quite happily, even in front of my wife. They like it if you are a bit cheeky and touchy-feely; it’s fun and more slapstick'"


 Yesterday, Simons flight to London was cancelled, so he had to spend a night in a hotelroom in canada.
So he innocently asked "Can I get any of you cunts a drink?" As his tweet feed seem to explode then, he invited everyone to his "peggparty!!!"  
Best part of the party was probably his poetry reading of  "Bite this Twinkle Tits", a Twilight-themed Sonnet.
It kind of ended with Pegg leaving the party to get his flight, while part of the guest ended up playing jenga.

I was lucky enough to be there as I, myself, sat alone in my boyfriend's home because I couldn't get home that day as I originally planned. Today the same. So I'm gonna stay here till next year. Kinda shitty though, I only packed clothes for about 3 days ><

"Nerd do well"

I guess you already heard about Simons kinda-so called- Autobiography.
I read the first few pages online, then decided that it must be HILARIOUS hearing actually reading the stuff.
So I bought the audiobook. After a mayor struggle with Itunes I finally got to hear it (while reading the ebook).

I highly recommend it (the reasons will be mentioned soon), and also you should get BOTH the book and the audiobook, because he leaves out stuff here and there, sometimes even a few pages, but hearing him telling these stories is just fucking funny.

You might, after reading a small exerpt (I'm just gonna TEASE you because you have to read it yourself!), you might wanna run to the next store, getting your fingers on this book as fast as you can.

I had an odd crush on a boy called Ross but it wasn’t motivated by any infant manifestations of sexual lust. He was just really lovely and I wanted to be near him. He was about three years older than me and I remember following him around the playground on one occasion, just aching to be his friend. I also used to frequently snog my friend Kyle because it made all our other friends hoot with laughter. I hadn’t been rendered homophobic by received notions of masculinity at the age of six and I had no problem doing ‘film star kisses’ with another boy if it meant getting a big laugh.

(there is even more, I swear!!)

Also you might love the fictional parts of the book, where Simon describes himself as a kind of superhero... They are very funny and the way Simon reads it makes you piss your pants ;D

Not if I can help it,’ replied Pegg, standing up to reveal his great body which was muscular but not too big
(like Brad Pitt in Fight Club). ‘I just need to find a little inspiration.’

Happy Place

Hey there!

ETA: Thank you so much to manics_fan, got most of it now! Still looking for everything that isn't crossed out.

Hey there! Been away for quite some time, but getting back to the delicious Fregg love after my hiatus. Mostly doing Hot Fuzz stuff at the moment but will likely go back to working on my RPS as well. :)

As some people have pointed out privately, the majority of my Fregg related work got lost in an archive crash and I don't have copies of most of them. I posted what I had of my old Fregg RPS, Spaced, and Hot Fuzz stuff on An Archive of Our Own.

These are the pieces I'm still missing... if you happen to have a copy around feel free to send it my way!

Missing Pieces:

FIC: Therapy (Shaun of the Dead, PG)
FIC: Reconciliation (Spaced, Tim/Mike. NC-17)
Fic: "Worry" (Simon Pegg/Nick Frost RPS. PG)
FIC: What? (Simon Pegg/Nick Frost RPS. R)
FIC: "Halloween" (Hot Fuzz, Danny/Nicholas PG)
FIC: "The First Time" (Simon Pegg/Nick Frost RPS NC-17)
FIC: Danny Knows (Hot Fuzz Danny/Nicholas PG)
FIC: Too Much (RPS: Simon Pegg/Nick Frost NC-17)
Fic: False Start (RPS: Simon Pegg/Nick Frost Hard R)
FIC: Can't Let Go (RPS: Simon Pegg/Nick Frost NC-17)

All written between OCT 2007 - FEB 2008 in order from newest to oldest.

(Crossposted from my personal journal)