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Hi all.

If this is too OT or not allowed, just delete, but I could use the help.

I'm writing my thesis to earn my undergrad degree on slash, and the stigmatization of fans in general, and slash writers/readers/fans in particular, and I was wondering if anyone would be willing to email me at and talk about their experiences with slash:

how they got into slash and fandoms, from the discovery of slash, to the realization that you could/did like it and why, to "coming out" as a slasher to real life/online friends, to being a newbie, to getting involved in slash-oriented communities, to writing/reading it, etc. How do you perceive slash, why do you like/are invested emotionally in slash, how you think others perceive you because of your involvement in slash, why some people see the slash subtext in the source texts (i.e. Hot Fuzz) and why some don't. How did you become a slasher?

If you are willing to email me, all your responses will remain confidential and anonymous, following the ethical guidelines laid down by my university's ethics board. I'll use a pseudonym or designation (i.e. Subject A) for each person, so not even your online persona will be compromised.

thank you kindly. That’s

X-posted. A lot. I’m spreading a wide net.
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Best friends :)

The song's been done already im sure..but ive always wanted to do a vid to it, with Simon and Nick! So i just did. Nothing special but hey thought i would share. :D
You like? even if you didnt let me know, thank youu :)
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Zoe Heriott: supermodel (Doctor Who)

Body Fascism in fandom

Hello to everyone. Longtime lurker, thought I'd finally pop and say hello... and I have a question.

I've found that when I google Pegg/Frost or Bernard/Manny from Black Books, I find great fics, photos, graphics, wonderful comms like this one. I also find a lot of "That's so wrong. He's all FAT and HAIRY and Ewww!" Or weak concessions of "I see the slash, but I can't read it/see it, etc."

Some of these comments have a homophobic undercurrent, but I still find comments like that among other slashers and RPS fans (people with pretty yaoi characters and Tokio Hotel all over their LJ headings and icons) and those comments seemed to be centered around Nick's size and, therein, his level of attractiveness.

Thoughts? Reactions?
Disney: Tucker

Month of Matinees

Hi hi!

Did anyone happen to snag Simon on Radio 6 this morning?

My recorder decided to be a beast and only recorded 4 minutes of the 2 hour show I didn't get to listen to!

Problem solved! The lovely Beebs decided to put it on iPlayer after all! I have it uploaded here.

At any rate, I have Pegg and Frost on Edith Bowman from November 1st, if anyone's interested. Just their hour, not the whole show.

(And sorry for overlap. I'm cross-posting to all Peggy comms.)
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