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Simon Pegg hearts Nick Frost

... because they didn't even have a love interest in the last movie

A Simon Pegg/Nick Frost Community
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Because who needs subtext? made by zombiesauros

"Hetero Life Partners"01
We’re here to celebrate the love that is Nick Frost/Simon Pegg. Because, really, they do it to themselves.
What’s allowed?02
Pretty much anything, as long as it is associated with Nick Frost, Simon Pegg, any of their projects, or their love for each other. Other kinds of slash are welcome as well, as long as they’re within the fandom. If you post fic, please use the appropriate heading:
Warning (if needed):
Is there anything not allowed?03
Well, basically don’t be an asshole. Wank will not be tolerated. Besides that, please don’t post anything wildly unrelated to this fandom. That should be pretty self-explanatory but if you post something that doesn’t belong, we’re not going to bite off your head. We’ll just work something out :)

New: Please do not disable comments. I won't be an evil mod and delete your post if you do, but henceforth (09.June.09), posts with disabled or screened comments will have 24 hours during which re-enable comments. Failure to do so will be met with a deleted post, expulsion from the community, or both.
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Just who the hell runs this place anyway?05
Why, that would be me, smilesawakeyou and my co-mod zeddish. You can contact us at smilesawakeyou at gmail dot com or x.zeddish.x at gmail dot com if you have any questions, comments or concerns. We're pretty damn nice, so fear not.


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